Media Conquers The Web!

Date: 2/2/2018 Catagory : Helpful Tips

Year to year web theorists and SEO professionals provide insights on how search engines rank our websites. From Keywords to Header tag structures there are many variables that accumulate together to provide a score for your website. Manipulating these variables to make your site appear more interesting is common practice, but beware websites caught altering too many variables will negatively impact their scores.

One of the most valuable things you can do to increase your search presence is to stay up on social trends of your viewers. One of the more popular theories that web developers have talked about for the past few years is near the year 2020 if your websites does not have any media content, then you won't have visitors.

That's a big statement to make but this theory was originally being discussed in 2014, now in the early part of 2018, the evidence presented over the last few years shows that this theory is becoming reality. People below the age of 24 would not be able to tell you what life is like without the internet. They have been raised with rich media content at their fingerprints.

Rank Brain which is the name of a Google's search engine ranking system has recently upped the amount of time a user has to stay on a web page to be relevant. Less than a few years ago if a visitor hit the back button and returned to search results in less than 10 seconds you would get knocked down a few positions on the results page. When a user would spend 40 seconds to a minute it would signal that the content the user was looking for was there. Fast forward to today and Rank Brain has recently increased the minimum time spent on a page to a little over 3 minutes.

How to plan on capturing your visitor's attention so that they won't leave the page?

The answer is media. Video and graphical content that is inciting will be your best solution to keeping the attention of a younger generation that is harder to impress. In turn, this will keep them on pages longer increasing your position in search results, which will translate into more visitors.