Mobile Friendly Sites Receive More Traffic!

Date: 9/27/2017 Catagory : Helpful Tips

It’s no secret that the internet has been going mobile and will continue to get more mobile friendly as time goes on. Many people have adopted the convenience of checking e-mail, reading blogs, and ordering products from their mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

You as a designer are allowed to design your website any way you would like but if you don’t have a mobile audience in mind, you may be suffering.

Keeping mobile users in mind is a key ingredient to keeping web traffic up. If the interface is not friendly (does not fit a mobile screen or features do not work on a smaller device) users will take notice and not return to your website. More than likely users won’t be the first to notice, major search engines like Google and Bing will. When a search engine notices that your site is not friendly to mobile users they will drop the website down the ranks of search results making it a lot harder for your audience to find you.

Going mobile is easier than you think.

In the earlier days when the mobile web was first introduced on devices, there had to be two different versions of a website, the desktop version, and the mobile version. This meant developers had twice as much work making sure both websites were relevant and up to date.

Thankfully when using HTML5 and CSS3 it is quite simple to manage a website. These modern scripting languages have allowed us to design one website that will listen to the screen width of the device you are using and adjust your website according to fit the mobile device.

Need help becoming mobile friendly? No problem! Start by choosing from one of Durable CMS’s web templates, (all offered templates are mobile friendly) or choose a pre-built template from a trusted source and import the design layout directly into Durable CMS’s “Layout” section located on the dashboard of your Durable CMS editor.

If you already have a website that you would like to make mobile friendly let us know, contact Durable CMS at 1-360-635-0991. We have friendly and knowledgeable technicians who can rebuild your site to give the same great look, feel, and functionality with the added benefit of being mobile friendly.